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Panoramics 4 U is a website from a passionate hobbyist that specialzes primarily in panoramic photographs of various locations that would be of interest to those that had a similar liking for wide photographs. Since my early days of photography, I always had this desire to produce a photograph that would stand out and be different. With the introduction of digital cameras that were good enough to produce quality images, this dream suddenly became a reality. To make this reality come true was the internet to show millions of people. Although there is a price list, these photographs will be available through http://www.ETSY.COM/panoramics4u, in the near future. These prices reflect a cost simply to recover the expense of having them printed and to allow me to ship and continue to take these wonderful photographs and make them available to the public through the website. From one hobbyist to another, I hope you enjoy my work and if there are any suggestions on where to take more panoramic photographs, please email me and give me the details.